Daily Living Skills

Rehoboth Health and Home Care will assist individual clients within the protocols that assess functional, practical and essential skills of everyday life. Our care staff will assist individual service users with daily living skills comprising of learning and developing a sense of structure and routine which enables each service user to plan his or her day for maximum benefit. Providing comfort and security which, in turn, fosters a sense of well-being. Our services are provided from short visits to comprehensive packages of personalised and individualised care service.

Routine and Structure

  • getting up on time and making their bed
  • personal hygiene
  • shaving (not wet shaving)
  • getting dressed
  • preparing meals
  • support with benefits
  • handling cash and banking
  • budgeting
  • shopping
  • cooking and washing-up
  • laundry, ironing and storing clothes
  • social awareness
  • verbal and written skills
  • night time services
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